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Bet You'll Marry Me - Darlene Panzera Reading the first few pages of this book made me think I had missed a previous book in the series. It started off, with no introduction of the characters or their backgrounds, past the middle of the action. This whole town is taking bets on who Jenny will marry. Yes, the whole town has come together to place money on whom one woman will marry. The townspeople in this book seem only to care about themselves and betting. And I mean this literally. From what I read, the majority of townspeople (most of them men) sit around, placing wagers on everything they can possibly think of. All while this young woman is struggling to get her ranch out of debt. They don't offer the money to her; no, they place bets.I didn't like the Nick, the hero, either. Not one bit. He throws his hat in on the betting, saying Jenny will marry him and then kisses her. Now, before you say this doesn't sound bad, these two have NEVER MET BEFORE NOW! This man is saying he wants to marry her for reasons other than money (the implication being romantic feelings) and he has only just met her? WTF? If some man came up to me and acted like that he'd get slapped. And then you discover he did have other reason for wanting to marry her than money: he wanted her land. He came up with this involved scheme, even going so far as to move him and his sister onto Jenny's ranch, to get her to marry him, sell the land to pay off a debt, and then buy Jenny a ranch somewhere else. Completely disregarding that this ranch had been in her family for over three generations and was one of the last ranches in the area.This book was so frustrating for me. The townspeople came across as selfish, instead of coming across as warm and friendly as with traditional small town romances. Nick came across as smarmy and self-serving and Jenny appeared overly naive. I couldn't figure out why I was supposed to care about any of them. Frankly, I'm surprised I finished it.*review copy provided by publisher via Edelweiss for honest review