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Never Seduce a Scot - Maya Banks Rating: B+I've enjoyed Banks' books in the past, but none touch me and make me feel like her Highlander romances do. Strong men, determined women, personal and physical challenges to overcome that show the characters depth of character? She has them all! Although I'm not sure about the accuracy of the heroine's limitations, it didn't really bother me too much and I still cried at the happy ending. Update:May 15 2013 I listened to this for my review of the 2013 Audies in the romance category. I was very eager to see what narration would do for Eveline character in particular. I mean, the heroine is deaf; not much you can narrate when one of your protagonists cannot speak. I can say that Potter did a decent job of giving life to Eveline's expressions and mannerisms, I had no difficulty "seeing" Eveline through the story.But overall, the narration was just okay; it didn't engage all my senses like some audiobooks have. The narrator did a good job with the Scottish brogues of many people and differentiating between the men's voices. The parts where the characters conversed and interacted were the most invigorating because the narrator came to life. But that excitement died when the narrator returned to reading the other parts of the story; the tone wasn't monotone per se, but too mellow for my tastes.