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How to Pursue a Princess - Karen Hawkins, Alison Larkin Lily was the waffler in this story. I don't have a problem with wafflers, if the reasons for the doubt make sense. With Lily, I never got the impression that her reasons for not being with Wulf--in this case, familial obligations--were proven clearly enough. She was clearly attracted to Wulf, and acted upon that attraction several times, but steadily refused to entertain the notion that they could be together. Even Wulf said at one point (and I'm paraphrasing so forgive me) : "Why won't she let us work together to find a solution to her problems." I'm not a believer in the love solves everything camp but Wulf was such a practical character that you knew he could and would fix any problem presented to him.The ending, like Lily's reasoning, fell flat for me as well. It was quite disappointing after the build up of the rest of the story. I knew exactly what was going to happen at the end by the time I got halfway through it. I had hoped for a more climatic solution to Lily's problems and a more romantic interaction with Wulf. Don't go into this book thinking there will be a smokin' hot love scene at the end that joins the couple together in a blaze of glory. (Don't ask me to explain why I had assumed there would be one. I guess I've gotten used to that happening in historical romances.)