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A Brother's Honor - Brenda Jackson The tone of A Brother's Honor was more serious than I'm used to from this author. I have come to depend on the fast paced and contemporary sexiness of her Harlequin titles. However, A Brother's Honor was more of a long smoulder, with drama and tension lurking around each sexy corner. Think Dallas instead of Sex in the City.And the more I got into the story, the more I understood the why the tone was the way it was. This was a very deep and multi-layered story. Not that it was overburdened with emotion, there was just a lot of issues the characters had to deal with. It wasn't just a story of a girl and boy falling in love, it was also a story of family--dealing with an incarcerated father, the death of a well-loved figure, a parent moving on after the death of a spouse. It was a story of secrets and communication (even miscommunication in some instances) and trust; and how families deal and cope with problems. This story showed how much the lives we live and are influenced by the friends and family around us. *review copy provided by publisher via NetGalley for honest review