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Beautiful Stranger  - Christina Lauren, Jonathan R. Cole, Grace Grant This narration was much better than the last Beautiful audiobook, but still wasn't as fabulous as I'm used to. It wasn't issues with audible inhalation or overly long pauses but more that the narrators weren't as strong in the production as they be. Both of the narrators had a few instances where they forgot to narrate a certain voice like they had before or they didn't do as good a job differentiating between certain male or female voices. I have a feeling that this book may be a first time narration for one, if not both, of them. Still, this book was durrtyy and so good, I quickly got over the irritating narration quality! Sara was a little bit shy but a rebel at heart and Max made that bad girl come out in a good way. Although a playboy, Max was good for her; he made truly helped her discover how to be more positive and accepting of her trusting personality. One note though: This book was definitely better with your headphones in and NOT in a public/professional atmosphere. I made the mistake of listening to it on my lunch break at work, which was a total mistake. :/ I don't regret listening to it though. Listening to Cole's deep English accent say something naughty was the reason I bought it in the first place! Despite the awesome beginning and middle, the ending fell flat for me. It seemed as if all the problems were too easily resolved. Max quickly forgave Sara her lack of trust and Sara didn't seem to offer a reasonable (i.e. adult) explanation for her behavior. Still, I can admit this series on audio is highly addictive. Although I do think the narrators missed an opportunity by not having the Mr. Cole do ALL the male voices and Grant do ALL the female ones. Each narrator did a chapter from the point of view of each the characters, filling in all the voices that interacted during that time frame. Cole's voice was a nice deep English that tingled along the nerves but Grant's version of it didn't quite come across the same way.