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His Clockwork Canary  - Beth Ciotta For me, this story was very superficial. Everything was very much on the surface and not much under the layer of what you saw. This is not a bad thing, but I really wanted to see more done with the characters. Most of the meat of the story was on the suspense angle and the background of the Peace Rebellion.I wanted to see Simon grow from his desire to be do something spectacular to be somebody accepting of what he has already accomplished. Instead, it felt as if we were told that he was a better person, instead of seeing how he became more comfortable with himself and the death of his father. As it was, I couldn't connect to him that well; I couldn't understand why I should care about his inner journey towards loving Willie. Not to say that his character was all that bad, he wasn't. He just wasn't all that great.The world of this series had one of the most unique steampunk adventures I've heard of. While there are some requirements for the steampunk genre--Victoria era, use of mechanical inventions--Ciotta has added an element that makes it wholly unique. The wonderful pieces of 1970s history, music, and characters makes this book a leader in originality. If you are wondering how this time period fits in the steampunk story, the author uses this image to describe this series: "the Victoria era meets the Age of Aquarius". And I have to agree this description was most fitting.*review copy provided by author/promoter for honest review