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Guardian - Nancy Northcott Originally reviewed at Tempting ReadsWhat can I say about this book? It, like the rest of the series, was smart and action packed. Reading it was like watching the X-Men or Iron Man movies: they’re serious, yet lightened with moments of humor and romance that keep you on the edge of your seat. However, when you’re done, you’re not quite sure what to think or feel, you are WIPED out! :/That’s me, completely wiped. I’ve struggled for weeks to describe my response but I’m too stunned. After deliberating, I settled on the three hearts rating because I was so unsettled. The book had so many up and down parts I don’t know how I feel. It wasn’t a bad story, don’t take that meaning from the rating, I just wasn’t comfortable being so off balance. If you’re the type that likes a genre stew or a rollercoaster, I suggest you check this book out. *review copy provided by author for honest review