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How to Marry a Highlander - Katharine Ashe Originally reviewed at Tempting ReadsI was of two minds when reading this story. I admired Teresa and her determination to find happiness and take charge of her life. Do I think she could have gone about it better? Yes, but then this book wouldn’t have been written. I liked Duncan as well. Although not as extroverted as Teresa, you could tell he was confident and caring. Probably more so with his sisters than he should have been!I was a tad disappointed that we got to see all but one of the sisters get settled. I understood this was a novella and that doesn’t leave a lot of room for extra character development, but still! What about Sorcha? Does she settle down happily to run Duncan’s estate while he and Teresa live out their lives in London? Will she get her own book later? I would have liked to seen some sort of definitive conclusion for her.I can’t say that it was the best place to start for those unfamiliar with the Falcon Club series. This book mentioned references to incidents and people in Duncan’s past I had no frame of reference for. Still, I did enjoy this story and, having read it, will be more apt to pick up another Ashe title.*review copy provided by author/promoter for honest review