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Gateway to Heaven - Beth Kery When I saw this rock star title from Kery, I snapped it up. I've enjoyed her Harlequin titles and Because Your Are Mine is on my TBR list. Reading it, I enjoyed it. Christian Lasher was strong yet sensitive and troubled just enough that I didn't hate him. Megan Shreve appeared delicate but had a inner strength that made her a perfect match for Lasher. He would introduce her to the world and she would offer him companionship and love. And the scenes of them together...I could definitely feel the chemistry between them. :) That being said, there was one thing that bothered me. It was revealed that Megan had experienced a traumatizing event when she was a child and had tried to make a life for herself despite it. Knowing this and trying to keep his distance, Lasher still snuck into her bedroom at night, and unknowingly watched her sleep. Stalkers are not sexy! I didn't like stalker Edward in Twilight and I didn't like it here. You would think that a man who knew about her past, would NOT attempt to treat her this way. However, this one little thing was not enough to kill my overall enjoyment of the book.